Friday, August 28, 2009

All 4 search engines fail in different ways for 'Jeremiah Owyang'

I read this story on NYT that three of the star analysts at Forrester have joined Altimeter Group. A query for Jeremiah Owyang on the top 4 search-engines shows how they're strong in their own ways, and how they fail in different ways.
  • Has news results and an interesting 'Questions about...' section, but does not display recent tweets
  • Bing: Displays recents tweets but fails to show recent news
  • Google: Displays news but fails to show recent tweets
  • Yahoo: Fails the most. Neither news nor tweets. None of the 10 blue links cover his leaving Forrester and joining Altimeter. I don't care if his recent tweets are present in the 'Twitter' section on the left pane (they're not) - why should a user have to use a two-step process to see them?

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