Monday, July 30, 2012

Google fails - it includes two links to the same webpage in a SERP

The second and the third results point to the same Wikipedia article. Google could've and should've noticed this - it should've automatically clubbed the second and third results. Without scrolling, a user can see only 4 results in this screenshot, and because of one redundant result, 25% of the results visible without scrolling have been wasted.

Update [Nov'12]: Adding screenshot for a principally similar, but more serious, SERP pointed out by Adam Davies in the comments.


  1. Look at the URLs. They're different.

  2. @Anonymous

    Sure, the URLs are different. But we do expert Google's supersmart algorithms to figure out that the content is the same [especially because both results redirected to the same webpage - something that Google's software would've observed during crawling/indexing]. Wasting 10% of the top 10 results is significant, I believe.

    1. A duplicate entry on the homepage is a big issue in my opinion. Here's another completely broken SERP:

      Imagine trying to compete with that... Top 6 results are the same website and there are similar examples which the first few pages are the same sites / pages.

      Is Google going senile?

    2. @Adam

      I agree with you. Since Google gives only 10 blue links on the first page [let's forget the other stuff - maps, etc. - that Google now packs into the SERP], wasting even a single of these results is indeed a big issue. Big money is involved here.

      Also, I've added a screenshot for the broken SERP you pointed. Thanks!

      All of the examples on this blog show how ripe this space is for innovation :)