Monday, November 19, 2012

Google promotes the Android version of a game in search results and severely demotes the iOS version

Today I was playing the nice game SimplePhysics on an iPad borrowed from a friend. I liked the game quite a lot and wondered if it was available for Windows. I went to Google and queried simplephysics. I saw an eye-catchy link to the Android version of this game as the top result, complete with user ratings icons, price, and 'Android' mentioned to catch the user's attention. I wondered where in the ranking did the iOS version of the same game stood. Amazingly, it was the last result on the ninth page, that is, it was ranked #90 by Google - and it had no information such as price, ratings, etc. Is all of this a coincidence? I doubt. Interestingly, Bing shows both the iOS and Android links on its first page.

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