Monday, July 30, 2012

Google fails for not considering a dead person's date of death

Bing correctly says that the age of Steve Jobs at the time of his death was 56, while Google incorrectly says that the age of Steve Jobs is 57 [disregarding the fact that he died in October 2011]. All of this in June 2012!

Google fails - it includes two links to the same webpage in a SERP

The second and the third results point to the same Wikipedia article. Google could've and should've noticed this - it should've automatically clubbed the second and third results. Without scrolling, a user can see only 4 results in this screenshot, and because of one redundant result, 25% of the results visible without scrolling have been wasted.

Update [Nov'12]: Adding screenshot for a principally similar, but more serious, SERP pointed out by Adam Davies in the comments.