Saturday, December 2, 2017

Google declares Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, without mentioning the disputes surrounding it [COMPACTIDEA]

Is this a deliberate pro-Israel act by Google, or an honest mistake by Google's algorithms [based on whatever data/information the algorithms have read on the Web]? I'm inclined towards the former. Google must not be allowed to spew out propaganda-like information as answers/facts, without it mentioning/recognizing any critical surrounding facts. In this case, whether or not Jerusalem, in full or in part, is the capital of Israel or Palestine is disputed. The dispute, and also Israel's occupation of Palestine must both be acknowledged in any "answer" that Google provides for a query. This isn't a simple query with a simple answer. And this lack of simplicity ought to be conveyed, lest there be brainwashing of Google's users.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Google hurts its rivals by not showing links to their key products or services in its search results

For the simple query mozilla bugzilla, Google just doesn't show the URL of Mozilla's Bugzilla database for Firefox bugs. This seems like a deliberate attempt to hurt Firefox by discouraging people from finding its bugs database and thus reducing contributions to Google's competitor.

Similarly, for the straightforward query yahoo mail, the top result on Google's search results page doesn't point to Yahoo Mail. This cannot be accepted as normal. This is a deliberate and nefarious attempt to harm/hurt and kill competition.