Thursday, July 12, 2018

Google Alerts returns results which are not according to the original query terms specified by the user [COMPACTIDEA]

A human can easily and clearly see that the more important word in the user query is WinRAR, but Google Alerts returns even those random search results which contain only the word 'released'.

Secondly, I never wrote the word 'buy', but Google's oversmart algorithms automatically introduce this word [in the background] when they see 'Deutsche Bank'. It isn't necessary that if someone says Deutsche, then it must be about investment buy/sell decisions. These are failed results by Google.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Amazon uses common customer ratings and reviews for all flavors, stages or variants of Nestle Cerelac, making it impossible to see which flavor or variant is liked more

Obviously some flavors are being liked more [on average] by babies, and some less. Using common ratings/reviews values for all flavors/stages of Nestle Cerelac is a bad idea. Potential customers want to know which flavors have higher ratings [for a particular stage].

Friday, January 26, 2018

Google is apparently trying to bury, conceal and hide articles critical of The New York Times for the American propaganda that it routinely spreads

You want to learn:
  1. Whether or not the NYT spreads US propaganda.
  2. What type of propaganda it spreads.
  3. Examples.
You head to Google and run a query, but all you get is a list of articles talking about Chinese and Russian propaganda. Is this accidental? Doesn't seem so. Seems like, at the behest of CIA/NSA, Google has carefully and deliberately altered its [obviously secret] algorithms to hide, and thus effectively kill, those articles and blog posts that aim to talk about and expose propaganda efforts of NYT. In contrast, when you run the same query on Bing, and DuckDuckGo, however, you are able to see some articles criticizing NYT for spreading propaganda [disguised as regular news articles or as opinion pieces].