Sunday, December 30, 2012

Google conveniently shows results for "rocket launch" for the query "missile launch"

Google, a missile launch is different from a rocket launch - don't mix these. North Korea's fate depends on the difference between a missile and a rocket!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Google gives preference to its own services

For the query 2 nights in soul valley, which is a movie, Google's top result - which looks suspiciously similar to an organic result - is actually an artificially-promoted result for Google's own service. This could be illegal.



Another recent example from 26-May-19. Top result directs to Google's own paid services.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Google fails for its apology for results for queries containing the word "Jew"

I searched for Jew York Times, and I saw an apology from Google about the search results.

"We're disturbed about these results as well."

I find it interesting that Google apologizes to the world for offensive results that appear when a query contains the term Jew. But offensive is a very relative term. I get offended when I see results telling me that there were WMDs in Iraq, and that based on this fabricated and false propaganda a sovereign nation and its people were bombed back to the stone age. I get offended when I see unending China-bashing in Google's search results. I even get offended when I see that Google apologizes for offensive results for queries containing the word Jew, but does not apologize when there are so many other instances when Google shows highly offensive results.

This is one major fail for Google.

Just noticed that other people have also condemned this Jew-favoritism of Google.